Earlier this year it looked like Love To Eat It was going the way most startups do and if that happened (it did), I was going to spend a month or so in Italy. In light of this I got myself an Italian tutor. My first trip to Italy last year was an enriching experience. After we came back I felt so bright-eyed that words just poured out of me. I wrote some of my favourite travel pieces so I knew that Italy was where I wanted to be over the summer. The plan was to go there and nurture my creativity.

I started to look up dance intensives in Italy, because I’m an avid student of ballet and if you put that against the backdrop of the Italian countryside… As the Italians say, allora!  

In another lifetime I think I could have been Italian, because the country soothes my soul. I love travelling to other places too but whenever I’m in Italy, my zest for life thrives and this feeds my creativity.

I put this down to the people. Their appetite for life inspires me and I find being around them incredibly reparative. My creative self craves warmth and nurture, something it finds an abundance of in Italy and perhaps that is why I become so free and creatively untapped.

A few years ago I met a young man, we were talking about creativity and I was really getting into the philosophy of it and he asked me a very simple question. He asked me how I enrich my life? For all my passion of creativity, how was I enriching my life?

To this day it’s one of the best things anyone has ever asked me to ask of myself. It’s an empowering question because it really puts the onus of leading a creative life on me. My faith in myself now lies not in how much art I can generate but how I nurture my creativity.

Last year I went through a period of blogging and creating recipes where my heart just wasn’t in it. My dear friend and fellow co-conspirator, Davida Kugelmass of The Healthy Maven told me that this was the best time to be out there engaging with the world. She told me to go to restaurants, or take a trip or partake in other activities. Basically get out there and start lighting that metaphorical fire under my arse again. I like to think of this as looking for creative kindle.

We have to nurture our creativity by enriching our lives. It’s not enough to hope that by simply making our art we are doing justice to the creative self. We need to seek and something about Italy makes me do that. So my question to you is how do you enrich your life?

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