By the time Fary had finished her coffee, I think she was convinced that not going to Las Vegas for her bachelorette with the girls would be a terrible idea. We were in Dineen on the coffee-date we’d been tiptoeing around for a year. Thank goodness we finally made it happen.

Fary is the kind of person you hope to have in your life when your male friends get married. The kind of woman you end up having a sisterly bond with and someone to roll eyes at when our significant others get carried away with their cricket captaincies.

Travelling with someone is usually a real test of your friendship, it can make or break a relationship and it’s always a gamble. Nevertheless, shortly after that coffee and a six-way iChat, five girls and a bride-to-be booked the ultimate girly trip – a bachelorette in Las Vegas.

As the trip drew nearer, our WhatsApp group was abuzz and I discovered how much I’d missed the banter between groups of ladies. As the daily conversations on everything from ratchet nail colours to aspects of work and life unfolded, I didn’t feel so isolated in my dilemmas and vulnerabilities. Talk between women is an affirming thing.

After the weeks of excited chatter and planning, finally we were on our way. I knew the landscape of Vegas would be colourful and glamorous by night but somehow Sin City manages’ to glitter during the day too.

Even under the sun on the brink of heat stroke, we couldn’t help but marvel at the water fountain dancing to Singin’ in the Rain in front of the Bellagio. Of course afterwards back in the hotel room, we had to stuff copious amounts of watermelon in our mouths.

We stayed a block off the main strip. The Westin on E Flamingo Road had these curly fries that we couldn’t get enough of and dreamy plush beds to crash on after late nights at XS and Hakkasan. During the day we found ourselves laughing every five minutes over our pool party antics at Encore and Marquee.

One of my favorite moments was on our first night outside XS (sorry Iron Man). The night was coming to an end and the weather was beautiful, it had been a really good day and all that was left was for it to sink in.

Who would have thought I’d end up waxing lyrical about Vegas? It was mostly because of the good company. I’d like to say we could have gone anywhere but Sin City played a big role too in how fabulous the trip was too.

Where else can you run through marbled corridors on your last night, cracking up over who knows what, Snapchat the entire episode and not get escorted out by security?

So yes, in a way the house did win but our gamble paid-off. We all left a lot richer than when we arrived. Some people say that there is an artifice to the city but we didn’t feel it and anyway the memories you take away are real – so make them good ones.

Las Vegas has something for everyone. Crazy nightclubs, stunning 24-hour casinos, spectacular shows, award-winning restaurants, shopping and even some wildlife preserves but for me it was much simpler. Somewhere on the glitzy strip I remembered what it felt like to be one of the girls.

Planning a girly trip to Las Vegas?

Contacting a promoter prior to your trip will go a long way in helping make moments like the ones above. If possible allow for more than weekend to really get a feel. We got a taste of sin but missed out on old school Vegas. Well it was either that or Thunder Down Under…

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