A Note on being a Glow Getter

Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” Dom Pérignon – when tasting champagne for the first time

Note On Being a Glow Getter - Sahar Aman

I believe in magic. That can happen sometimes when you’re born and brought up on the Isle of Man. That can happen when you fall asleep under a night sky blanketed with stars, surrounded by the Irish Sea and dreaming of big cities. Somehow you end up believing in magic, jinns and fairies because you have to.

That is what’s so special about the Isle of Man. It’s the only place one can find grown adults wishing the fairies a good day out loud whilst they cross Fairy Bridge. It’s the kind of place that’s got a good type of superstition about it, one that makes you wonder about life’s mysteries.

Growing up I didn’t care for being Manx. Looking back now I realise the Isle of Man is an essential and crucial part of my life, but once I left there was no real going back.

In those days my name was still Sahar Ibrahim. At eighteen I went to London for my Bachelors in Film and Drama and later Masters in Feature Writing.

During the summers I worked on movies. This one time Lauren Bacall took the time out to tell me I would amount to nothing. Even though she was Lauren Bacall, I knew she was wrong. After five years of fulfilling the needs of someone with stars in their eyes that was part thespian and part cinephile – I took a leap of faith and left for Karachi.

For some reason my National Identity Card had Sahar Aman written on it. People started calling me Sahar Aman and it stuck. I was like a line from Imogen Heap’s song, First Train Home back then, vinyl on laminate – desperate for some kind of contact.

Karachi was the metropolitan maze through which I navigated my twenties. I made my way there for solid seven years in rickety old rickshaws. Weaving in and out of the intricacies of living in one of the world’s more dangerous cities was how I shed the chrysalis. So I left a piece of my soul there down by the Arabian sea.

Now I live in Toronto. A city where you discuss the weather and it’s not small talk, I’ve developed an affinity for sweet potato fries and following the Raptors during basketball season. No one could get me to leave Karachi, no one but Ahmed. Love is always evolving but it made me want different things, it made me want more, it made me want everything.

Everything translated into becoming an entrepreneur. A life that’s a heady mix of highs and lows. A life that really makes you cherish the good moments.

A while back Ahmed asked me what I need to do on most days (aside from having loving relationships) in order to have those good moments in life. It only took a couple of minutes to come up with the real answer – the few things I’ve always done, being creative, dancing, cooking and of course last but not least, writing.

I’ve been a writer forever, whether it was lending my pen to national newspapers, a leading television network, political magazine, the cinematic screen or blogging – writing helps me to fathom the world a little. Confession, I am trying to solve life’s mysteries.

This blog is to that effect. It’s where I hand off some of the creativity and energy that hasn’t been used up whilst being the founder and CEO of my startup, Love To Eat It. A platform for food bloggers on Instagram that enables them to do wonderful things with their recipe posts (yes, you should find out more).

So when I’m not aspiring to become the baddest bitch in Silicon Valley, I’m leaving you an awesome recipe, sharing a memoir from a city I’ve visited or tipping you off on how to make the skin we live in feel so damn good. Basically all the things I associate with being a glow getter.

Somedays my life goals are simpler. Remembering to take my supplements, waking up early enough to fit in a morning workout, actually using the dry body brush I bought or getting better at keeping in touch with loved ones. Somedays my life goals are bigger. Writing a book, becoming a politician, going beyond the horizon, moving to the next big city, doing something almost unattainable or becoming immortal. All the whilst making sure that I haven’t lost the ability to still dream.

Somehow each recipe created, city visited or moment truly experienced is part of that dream. The unattainable and immortality often present themselves in subtle ways.  Sometimes it’s funny Snapchat videos trying to avoid tourists in Florence. Another day it’s making light and fluffy gnocchi, grain free cake or having the courage to make macarons or bread. This one time immortality came from giving but a few pennies to tiny little mosque being built in a village in Azad Kashmir. This is life, choosing your moments and owning them.

I’m going after all the moments like one Dom had above. I believe they do happen and we can create them. Now let’s g[l]o[w] get us some stars.